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Platform Integration FAQs

Q How can I become a provider of TransUnion services?
A Contact the Platform Integration Management team and provide your full contact information:
  • Name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Email
  • Phone

A representative will contact you shortly after receiving your information.

Q While in development, would I have access to TransUnion test data?
A Yes. During development, you are able to access our robust test region to assist you in coding and developing TransUnion accessibility and processing. You will need to sign a test region access agreement before you can access the region.

Q How can I obtain credentials that allow me to test with TransUnion?
A Contact the Platform Integration Management team. A team member will guide you through this process.

Q We have a customer looking for a specific TransUnion service. How can I find out more information about supporting that service?
A Contact the TransUnion Platform Integration Management team to learn more about our solutions and to request technical support. You can also review the information available in the TU4.0 User Guide, TU4.1 User Guide, and TUXML User Guide available in the Document Repository section of this site.

Q Which data formats are supported for access to TransUnion data services?
A Currently, customers use the TransUnion TU4.0 or TU4.1 data format or TUXML to access TransUnion services.

Q As a vendor, can I access TransUnion's production files?
A As a vendor, you will not have access to production consumer files. The credentials provided to you by TransUnion allow you access only to the test region.

Q How can I get updated TransUnion technical documentation about accessing your online services?
A Check the Document Repository for updated technical documentation.

Q Who do I contact at TransUnion to find out how to become a vendor who supports TransUnion services?
A Contact the Platform Integration Management team and we will walk you through the process.

Q Can TransUnion identify the transactions that are submitted through our system?
A TransUnion requires that vendors send us a specific vendor information in the inquiry. Send your vendor name, vendor release information, and also a TransUnion-issued vendor ID number. As long as the inquiry includes this information, we are able to identify the provider's transactions. For further information, contact us.