Vendor Channel Integration

Platform Integration

TransUnion’s Platform Integration Management Team manages and supports the relationships with software providers who facilitate TransUnion customers’ access to a wide array of services. Our innovative solutions include:

  • CreditVision® reports (trended data) and summaries
  • CreditVision scores (developed from trended data)
  • Various algorithms and attributes
  • Identity verification, including digital (online and mobile) attributes and behaviors
  • Identity authentication solutions leveraging different methods (challenge questions or one-time passcodes)
  • Skip-tracing solutions from alternative data sources
  • Collections solutions (developed from trended and alternative data)

Information for platform providers

TransUnion is proud to work with our alliance partners. Each represent the spirit of TransUnion’s mission of providing Information for Good.

We welcome all current platform providers to inquire about the program. Please see the program overview to understand what TransUnion looks for and to consider what TransUnion offers.

For current technical information and specifications, including recent Technical General Announcements and the TU4.0 User Guide, TU4.1 User Guide, and the TUXML User Guide, see the Document Repository.

For overviews of the services we provide, see TransUnion’s Business Solutions. On this page click the Solutions and Products tab to open the list of solutions and products.

Check out the latest product/industry news, including regulatory events, industry events, whitepapers, and case histories of product integrations and service wins.

If you have questions, please see Platform Integration frequently asked questions.

Contact the Platform Integration Management team to become a platform provider. Please provide your contact information. We will discuss your business needs, interface requirements, and service needs, and guide you through identifying and executing required agreements. Upon receipt of executed agreements, TransUnion will provide:

  • A test subscriber code.
  • A test digital certificate.
  • A vendor number for the Vendor Information segment/response.
  • Two fixed formats and an XML inquiry/response for your company to choose from.
  • Technical format documentation.
  • Assistance with format definition, layout, and testing.
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