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Accessing the Test Database

When a customer accesses the test facility, the connection is restricted to the test environment. Customers cannot cross over to the production environment.

The following table describes the access options to the TransUnion Test Facility for the TU4.0 / TU4.1 format. There are multiple options available from which customers select only one.

Option# Option Description TU4.0 / TU4.1 Value
1 Customer Test Code issued by TransUnion
(preferred method)
Use a market/submarket value of 06TR or 0622.
2* Application ID (LU 6.2 option) Use an application ID (APPLID) of IQRTRNA1.
3** TU4I segment, Special Routing Indicator field (sixth byte of TU4I segment) Use a value of 1.
*  Let TransUnion's Client Technical Support  know if you will be using Option 2 so that you can be defined to our test regions.

**To protect the integrity of your production password, do not use it to access the test region. We require that, if you use your production subscriber code for testing or development purposes, you change your production password to PSWD. Doing so helps to ensure your test transactions function properly in our test region and helps avoid the potential compromising of the security of your production subscriber code. 

This setup will work only in a test environment and does not affect production processing in any way.  A valid TransUnion-issued password is needed for all production transactions.

Note: We strongly suggest that, whenever possible, you use a test subscriber code for ALL testing and development functions. Test subscriber codes have a market of 06 and a submarket of 22 or TR.

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