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TransUnion submits its understanding of the financial services markets and the performance of sub segments within the industry. This report is a quarterly overview summarizing data, trends and perspectives on the U.S. consumer lending industry.

Fraudsters are devising increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes. Is your organization prepared?

With identity fraud increasing on an annual basis and becoming more sophisticated with the growing use of stolen and synthetic identities aided by technology, the challenges facing organizations have never been more complex.

Leverage the power of IDVision. IDVision Alerts use real-time, proprietary ID behavioral algorithms to pinpoint fraud and high-risk identities at originations, onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle. This provides greater certainty that potential fraudulent activity will be flagged before significant damage has been done to your organization’s reputation, brand and revenue. And with ongoing updates to address evolving fraud techniques, and identity compliance requirements, you’ll be better prepared to stay ahead of whatever is next.
The DriverRiskSM solution suite delivers insight from court record violation data using our enhanced subject selection and matching expertise, and will soon include state motor vehicle reports (MVRs). Our court record-based solution offers richer and timelier information, allowing you to analyze driver violation behavior and make better-informed decisions throughout the policy lifecycle.
TransUnion TrueRiskSM—a new generation of risk scores—helps carriers better predict loss. TransUnion TrueRiskSM is designed to predict the potential loss ratio for a given consumer seeking an insurance policy.

ID Manager combines frictionless device and identity verification with dynamic consumer authentication for a process that balances convenience and security to allow good customers in faster. This multi-layered, risk-based solution delivers an identity management strategy that adapts to the needs of the organization to manage identity risk across channels for customer acquisition and account management.

TransUnion is always thinking and understanding the markets it provides services to. Today we provide five common myths that keep many financial institutions a step behind today’s savvy fraudsters and changing consumer expectations—plus what you can do about them.