Platform Alliance Program Overview

The partner program leverages the strengths of your platform to the strategic mission of TransUnion. TransUnion constantly develops and delivers services that help our mutual customers optimize their risk-based decisions. We believe through forming platform alliance relationships, we can innovate and provide the best services to the market verticals we target. TransUnion is a market leader and recognizes and respects the value your business brings to the marketplace.

What you provide

  • A robust information security program.
  • Unique access to market verticals of interest to TransUnion.
  • Flexible integration capabilities.
  • A positive reputation for your capabilities in the industry.
  • Customer seminars or other programs that provide the opportunity for TransUnion to receive market feedback directly from customers.

What we provide

  • A review of your information security program.
  • Mutual customer access to innovative solutions and support for the deployment of those solutions with a well-trained platform integration team, subject matter experts, and sales organization.
  • When necessary to expedite deployment of certain services, TransUnion is happy to work with you to complete integrations.
  • Thought leadership and market insights (please see
  • Technical and business support from an experienced team of professionals (such as the Platform Integration team).
  • As an alliance partner, TransUnion will provide technical and product subject matter expert support to help make sure mutual client events are successful.
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