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For consumers, please visit the TransUnion Personal: Contact Us page for phone numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses and more.
For businesses, please contact us using any of the methods below.
TransUnion Net Access customers, please call the TransUnion Service Desk at
800-813-5604 for further assistance.

Automated Inquiry Business Customers

For technical assistance with TU4.0 or TU4.1 formatting requirements or to automatically access our services (CPU to CPU inquiries), contact Client Technical Support at 1-800-985-4208 (available Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET).

Vendor Channel Integration

As a software provider or system processor, find out how you can integrate TransUnion solutions into your platform offerings. Contact our Vendor Channel Integration Group.

Contact Identity Services Business Customers

For updated technical documentation or further assistance, contact the Contact Identity Services (CIS) Technical Support team at 1-866-464-7411 or  

Online Batch Processing

For questions or technical assistance with online batch processing, contact the OLB team at 800-985-4208 (available Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT).

TransUnion Direct Users

For general questions about TransUnion Direct, please contact us at

Data Furnishers

To get answers to your electronic data reporting questions, visit our FAQs. If you need more information, email us at Visit EDT Registration to sign up for EDT.

TransUnion Canada

Clients and suppliers for TransUnion Canada may find useful contact information at the TransUnion Canada Client Support website.

Batch Credit Services

For more information or questions concerning batch credit prescreening, contact Batch Credit Services at

Client Services Group

For information concerning becoming a TransUnion subscriber, please contact the Client Services Group at

Data Exchange Gateway

For questions or technical assistance with your eDEG mailbox or login, contact the EDT team at 1-888-495-3110 for assistance.

Network Connectivity Issues

If you have VPN or dedicated network connectivity into TransUnion and have connectivity issues or questions, contact the TransUnion Network Operations Center at 888-550-8088.